PINNACLE has amassed over 100 clients in the past several years acquiring land/right of way and relocating residents or businesses to accommodate numerous projects throughout the United States.

Our services have helped pave the way for the following projects to get underway or to 100% constructed and in use today.

  • Highway improvement projects
  • Newly constructed highways and streets
  • Alignments
  • Professional football stadium
  • Urban renewal development plans
  • Electric transmission lines
  • Street improvement projects
  • Natural gas fired power plant
  • Residential developments
  • Cellular telephone service towers
  • Urban transit lines
  • Multi-modal transit stations
  • Turnpike routes
  • City water supply wells
  • Water lines

Our existing staff members are all certified or working towards certifications with the International Right of Way Association.  Senior Right of Way Agents (SR/WA), Relocation Certified Agents (R/W-RAC), Negotiation Certified Agents (R/W-NAC)  Uniform Relocation Act Certified Agents (R/W-URAC).