We are only as good as our clients say we are.

I was recently made aware of The Pinnacle Group’s efforts to compete for work through the City of Oklahoma City’s Urban Renewal Authority for the Core to Shore efforts. Pinnacle has been a successful right-of-way acquisition service provider for the Department since before I became the Chief, Right-of-Way & Utilities in 2001. Ms. Harrison, yourself, and others on your staff have completed numerous projects involving project management, appraisal, acquisition, relocation, and property management aspects, always conducting themselves professionally and in the best interests of the Department.

Pinnacle has completed multiple right-of-way projects for the Department, some very routine in nature and many others with critical timeframe elements or other complex elements that required a high level of commitment. Pinnacle’s ability to effectively communicate with our Department personnel was been instrumental in bringing all of the projects we’ve undertaken with your firm to a successful conclusion in a team environment.

All of your staff strives to nurture an effective working relationship which is important in any working collaboration. They are knowledgeable real estate professionals, especially with regard to the provisions of the Uniform Act. I would not hesitate to move forward with any project involving Pinnacle as part of the team.

Kurt A. Harms

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

I want to express my gratitude for your contribution to the successful completion of the Interstate 84 GARVEE reconstruction projects. Please extend my appreciation to all of your team members who were involved with these projects.

The Idaho Legislature took a bold, visionary step in 2005 when it established the
GARVEE Program to address the state’s growing transportation needs. The benefits of this vision are being realized in an improved and safer transportation system.

The record investment of the GARVEE program is driving Idaho’s economic destiny, improving safety, reducing congestion and committing us to an ambitious future.

You should be proud of the role your company played in delivering one of Idaho’s largest public works projects on-time and on-budget. It is a lasting contribution to the future of Idaho and the nation!

Brian W. Ness

Idaho Transportation Department

In July 2007, we were notified by Certified Letter from Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) in Fort Worth, Texas that they had acquired the property we were leasing and that our five year lease was summarily canceled. The purpose of their acquiring the property was for a
Federal funded flood control project. We were given thirty (30) days to move out of our 66,000 square foot manufacturing plant. You can imagine the feeling of loss and out right fear knowing that in the middle of your business seasonal build up that you were being evicted from your building because of a situation you had no control over.

Shortly thereafter we were told that Trinity River Vision Authority had hired The Pinnacle Group as their intermediary to assist companies in our position to understand the methods and rules that governed a situation such as ours. I must admit at first we were more than mildly resentful of suddenly being up rooted and had big doubts about the TRVA and the Pinnacle Group at the outset.

The Pinnacle Group and their lead person Ann Scruggs became the perfect advocate for both our company and the TRVA. Through her skillful understanding of the Federal laws and her diligence in working to help both the TRVA and our company we were able to make the move to our new location, 150 miles northeast of our community to our new home in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

We originally had no idea where this journey would lead and The Pinnacle Group helped us turn every stone to find a location to stay in our local community but at the time there was no building available that was suitable in size or cleanliness that would allow us to keep our chocolate manufacturing plant in Fort Worth.

The Pinnacle Group and Ann became the voice of reason and understanding for us and her efforts made a difficult situation for us much smoother. We owe a great deal of thanks to Ann Scruggs and the Pinnacle Group for the excellent and professional way they handled our case in helping us through this process. We could not be happier with the outcome.

James H. Webb

Sweet Shop USA

I want to commend you and your team at Pinnacle for the excellent service you provided for the City of Arlington in connection with the Cowboy Stadium project. I am still amazed at how quickly and efficiently your staff facilitated the relocation of almost 1,100 individuals, families, and business owners who were impacted by the project. As a result of your efforts the project remains on schedule.

It is with great appreciation and respect for you and your company that I write this letter of thanks. I truly hope to work with you in the future.

Roger M. Venables

City of Arlington Texas

The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) commenced the implementation of the A-train commuter rail program to further enhance and provide transportation alternatives to the citizens of Denton County. This $312M program includes 21 miles of commuter rail design, construction and implementation along existing DART right-of-way adjacent to the 135E corridor. Elements of the system include five commuter rail stations, as well as a fully operational Operation and Maintenance Facility located adjacent to the rail corridor.

Since the commencement of final design services in February 2008, the Pinnacle Consulting Management Group has represented DCTA’s interests in all real estate negotiations and successful closings of 11 properties, encompassing over 118 acres in the cities of Denton, and Lewisville. The experience, professionalism and sense of the Pinnacle Consulting Management Group has proven to be a highly valued asset to the agency’s efforts in the design, construction and implementation effort of the A-train program and it is with great pleasure that I highly recommend the Pinnacle Consulting Management Group.

Thomas M. LeBeau

Denton County Transportation Authority

The Pinnacle Group has worked with the Dallas District on many occasions over the past 10 to 15 years. They were the only company that successfully delivered a project under our old system (SH 161). They are well versed in all aspects of the right of way process. We have used Pinnacle as a technical expert in some of our unique acquisitions.

Pinnacle has experience with large projects, compressed schedules and has proven successful in developing and maintaining respectful and cordial relationships with landowners. I could not think of a right of way situation that Pinnacle has not experienced.

The Dallas office considers Pinnacle one of the leaders in the industry.

Travis Henderson

Texas Department of Transportation

The Lawton Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) hired Pinnacle Consulting Management Group, Inc. (Pinnacle) in 2007 to acquire 102 properties and relocate approximately 55 residential and commercial occupants within a 12 block area of our downtown redevelopment project. Pinnacle’s staff has done an exemplary job of acquiring the property and conducting the relocation assistance within LURA policies and guidelines as well as the Uniform Act and Department of Housing and Urban Development procedures.

Pinnacle formed a team of local sub-consultants for title services and appraisal valuation which complemented their staff. They managed the entire process from title to closing and provided LURA with a well-coordinated approach to the project as a whole.

Pinnacle has always been available to address my concerns as well as any concerns the LURA Board may have had. They attended board meetings as necessary to provide project details and progress. They conduct themselves professionally. I highly recommend the Pinnacle Management Group for any project requiring acquisition and relocation assistance services.

If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me at the number listed above.

Larry Mitchell

Lawton Urban Renewal Authority

Pinnacle was the second consulting firm assigned to relocate our facility from the Interstate Highway 10 TXDOT project in Houston, TX. Pinnacle was tasked with processing and completing our claim for relocation assistance. Pinnacle made numerous visits to our plant in Katy, TX, maintained communication with Igloo representatives throughout the process and learned Igloo’s plant operation in order to understand our relocation needs.

Everyone that has been involved in the process here at Igloo would like to express their sincere appreciation for the integrity, professionalism and diligence displayed by Pinnacle. I sincerely feel that your firm successfully bridges the gap between the client and the landowners, and very deftly facilitates an amicable and fair solution.

Jim Vaughn

Igloo Products Corporation